Balds In The News

Beavis 35Up.

Beavis 35Up.

The unfortunate Joe the Plumber is back in the news with an obligatory 80%-off-at-Costco book in which he goes flipmode and trashes presidential runner-up John McCain.  Joe the Plumber is a bad look for us, a Bald in the vein of Fred Durst whose oversized ego (three collage frames?) and embarassing self-delusions of profundity help perpetuate the “Bald As Dimwit” meme.  But from a purely aesthetic view, he rocks a tough, “G.I. Joe toy” Bald that is fairly classic.

One Response to Balds In The News

  1. […] Haired comedian/political provocateur Bill Maher interview Joe the Plumber on his Friday-night “Real Time With Bill Maher” […]

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