Bruce Willis Marries Hot Bikini Model

The Bald and the Beautiful.

The Bald and the Beautiful.

Alpha-Bald Bruce Willis married a bikini model more than 20 years his junior this weekend in the Carribbean, reports the Miami Herald.

The Bald Wall congratulates one of its most esteemed members, and invites all our Haired readers to TAKE THAT, SUCKERS!!!!

Bald Chaser.

Bald Chaser.

6 Responses to Bruce Willis Marries Hot Bikini Model

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  2. […] with Bald men, and as our culture becomes more enlightened, these relationships are becoming more commonplace and […]

  3. […] What’s the deal?  Are all these people just trying to sleep with Emma Heming? […]

  4. […] Bald Bruce Willis picked Emma Heming out of a casting call on “Perfect Stranger” and married her out of nowhere in a whirlwind romance, few had even heard of the young lingerie model.  Media outlets scrambled for pictures of the […]

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