“FAST AND FURIOUS” Review: Diesel Still Bald

April 3, 2009
Some things never change.

Shorn Again.

Mal Vincent at the Virginian-Pilot has an exclusive “FAF” review!  And from the sound of things, the movie’s got plenty of skin:

Vin Diesel returns his smooth pate to center screen today in “Fast & Furious”...  In doing so, he brings the conversation about bald heroes and anti-heroes to a head.

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COMING SOON: Vin Diesel returns in “FAST AND FURIOUS”!

April 2, 2009


March 6, 2009
Bald & Blue.

"Watchmen" will give Balds the Blues.

In “Watchmen”, Zack Snyder and his special FX team create the most fantastic animated Bald ever to grace the movies…  then change Alan Moore’s original story so that Dr. Manhattan is responsible for destroying New York at the end.  Typical.