Hollywood Hot for Bald Bruce

May 6, 2009
Boogie Bald.

Boogie Bald.

Has there ever been a better time to be Bruce Willis?  For some reason everyone from the Hollywood trades to the NY gossip mags decided to just spend some ink today raving about how awesome he is.  From THR:

A Star Is Shorn.

A Star Is Shorn.

Action stars may lose their currency as they move into their 50s. But Bruce Willis keeps on raking in the offers.

The star, who turned 54 last month, has been in discussions to shoot and fight his way through three action pics — a thriller for NuImage/Millenium titled “Inventory,” the CIA tale “Red” for Summit and the mob biopic “Scarpa” for Morgan Creek.

And NY Daily News says Willis has reached his “golden age”.  We must agree.  Though his long storied career has occasionally found him in some Hairy situations, His Baldness has come out on top, seemingly shaving the years off like so much scalp fuzz.

NEWS FLASH:  It’s good to be The Bimp.

Is Jason Statham One of Us?

April 17, 2009
Does this count as electrolysis?

Does this count as electrolysis?

Crank 2: High Voltage opens in theatres today, and it’s time to ask a question that’s been bothering us all at the Bald Wall for awhile: Is closely-shaved actor Jason Statham officially Bald or not?

You decide.


Do you think I'm Bald?

Tell me, do you think I'm Bald?

Bald Sinners and Saints

April 9, 2009


How's My Hair?

Do you have an opinion on my hair?

Unfortunately, this fellow falls in the Bald Sinners category. Excited to be making an appearance on MSNBC, Jon Najarian decided to sport a formal upswept hair-don’t.  He’s a co-founder of the blog OpinionMonster.com (I’m not sure that’s the right link–if it is, his blog is almost as bad as his Bald-style).

Hopefully, Jon tivo-ed his television appearance, and upon watching it will realize that he needs to shave off that Star Trek meets David Crosby he’s rocking in the back. Please, Jon Najarian… go Bald.

A Profile: Sins Against Baldmanity

A Profile: Sins Against Baldmanity


Via Jezebel.

UPDATE: Wait a minute, this is Najarian’s real blog OPTIONmonster.com.  MSNBC’s caption was hilariously wrong, and the real link is a gem because I found Jon’s almost identically Bald brother Pete.

Expert Insights-- Into Everything Except Our Own Hair

Expert Insights-- Into Everything Except The Hair On Our Heads

It Pays Not to Toupee

April 7, 2009

Hi There.  Like Balderdash and everyone else here at the BaldWall, I’m a strong advocate of just facing facts and shaving your head when faced with male pattern Baldness.  This blog is a form of intervention against bad hairpieces– and yes, I’m looking at you, Joe Biden. And you, Bret Michaels.

This Bud Light commercial spotlights what can go horribly wrong with toupees.  Gentleman– please set your follicles free and let your dome shine with pride!

That is all.


The Bald and the Beautiful