EMMSCLUSIVE: Video of Emma Heming @ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

May 6, 2009

-"Hello?"  -"Yippee ki yay, motherf@^&er."

-"Hello?" -"Yippee ki yay, motherf@^&er."

When Alpha Bald Bruce Willis picked Emma Heming out of a casting call on “Perfect Stranger” and married her out of nowhere in a whirlwind romance, few had even heard of the young lingerie model.  Media outlets scrambled for pictures of the Bald-loving beauty.

But when it comes to anything in the Willisphere, no one beats The Bald Wall to the punch.  We’ve unearthed a brief clip of the bride-to-be practicing her walk down the aisle in the 2001 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Brace yourself… for the Bimpress:

Run Emma Run.

Emma gaaawd.


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All-New Emma Heming runway pics (NSFW)

April 10, 2009
See Emma walk.

See Emma walk.

The Bimpress is back!  Enjoy these highly NSFW pics of Bruce Willis‘s blushing bride strutting her stuff at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Bald Sinners and Saints

April 9, 2009


How's My Hair?

Do you have an opinion on my hair?

Unfortunately, this fellow falls in the Bald Sinners category. Excited to be making an appearance on MSNBC, Jon Najarian decided to sport a formal upswept hair-don’t.  He’s a co-founder of the blog OpinionMonster.com (I’m not sure that’s the right link–if it is, his blog is almost as bad as his Bald-style).

Hopefully, Jon tivo-ed his television appearance, and upon watching it will realize that he needs to shave off that Star Trek meets David Crosby he’s rocking in the back. Please, Jon Najarian… go Bald.

A Profile: Sins Against Baldmanity

A Profile: Sins Against Baldmanity


Via Jezebel.

UPDATE: Wait a minute, this is Najarian’s real blog OPTIONmonster.com.  MSNBC’s caption was hilariously wrong, and the real link is a gem because I found Jon’s almost identically Bald brother Pete.

Expert Insights-- Into Everything Except Our Own Hair

Expert Insights-- Into Everything Except The Hair On Our Heads

Miss Virginia Will Take It All Off For Money

April 6, 2009
Wanna see her shaved?

Wanna see her shaved?

Beauty contest winner and reigning Miss Virginia Tara Wheeler has vowed to shave her head if she can raise $500,000 for pediatric cancer research.  But so far Wheeler’s take is still in the 5-digits, and the deadline is less than a week away.

…if Wheeler falls short, she vows to shave her head anyway — she’ll just wait until she’s finished her reign this summer. “Society needs to take a second look at how we deem someone pretty,” she said, explaining why she was drawn to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Bravo to Tara for seeing the beauty in Bald.  If you want to pitch in, you can donate to her cause at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website.

Paloma Jimenez photos

April 5, 2009

Vinner takes all.

Vinner takes all.

Enjoy this gallery of Vin Diesel‘s magnificent mamacita Paloma Jimenez!  (NSFW)

Emma Heming photos

April 1, 2009

Putting the "mm" in "Emma".

Putting the "mm" in "Emma".

Enjoy this gallery of The Bimp‘s babelicious new bombshell wife.  (NSFW)

Cassie Ventura gallery

January 1, 2000

cassiechaircassie011cassie-cover-complex88dc1acassie_complex_mag_11_bigcassie-3cassie-51cassie-cover-complex-magazine2nm29t5cassie-cover-complex-magazine-3cassie-fhm-france1cassie11wfptg1cassie_spread1cassie-contest1cassie-ventura_0384002cassie-1cassie_61cassie-200004fcassie-4cassie471cassie0cassiecassie_3cassie-fhm-france-61cassie-fhm-france-2cassie-fhm-france-552221_cassie-complex-sept-8_122_402lo2200804031811403624492_cassie-venturaNEW YORK - JANUARY Cassie attends DJ Clue's Birthday Ball January 9, 2008 New York City, NY  (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)cassie3136456cassie-halloween1